I work as a senior Android engineer at 58, focused mainly on mobile development.

All stuff here express myself which has nothing to do with my employer;




I’v also made some projects in spare time as you can see listed below; Feel free to star/fork/follow.

Java NIO: http://java-nio.avenwu.net
YoYo GitHub: http://avenwu.net/yoyo
Support: https://github.com/avenwu/support
Cnblogs: http://avenwu.net/cnblogs

  • Java NIO(2016)

    My first translation work about Java NIO. It cost me nearly two months to finish all the stuff. The book is now hosted on GitBook where you can choose to read online or download the PDF file.

  • YoYo Github(2016~)

    This project has just been started recently in April 2016, YoYo is desired to be a well-designed Github application with material style from Google;

  • Support(2015~)

    Custom Android support library, include some useful utils and widget.(# ̄▽ ̄#)

  • Cnblogs (2014~)

    Another cool application for Cnblogs, it’s been developed since 2014 and has been stable with most used features;
    There must be bugs(╯-_-)╯╧╧, any bug reports will be appreciated( ̄ .  ̄);